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Message From The Owner:

Greetings!  I’m David and Walnut Creek is where I call home.  If you’re also in the Walnut Creek area, there’s a good chance we’re just down the road from each other since it’s a small town kind of place here.  We’ll I suppose it used to be a small town…guess that shows how long I’ve been here.

But enough about me, you probably need some fire protection services.

We are a California State Licensed C-16 Fire and Life Safety Contractor specializing in fire protection services.  Call us if you need help with anything related to fire protection services in Walnut Creek, fire extinguisher sales and service, annual fire sprinkler inspections, 6 year tear down service, hydrostatic testing services, commercial kitchen hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services, kitchen hood fire suppression systems like Ansul.  All of our hood cleaning work is performed to the NFPA 96 fire code and regulations so we’ll always keep you compliant with the NFPA 96.  We do every single part of an Ansul kitchen hood fire suppression system like semi-annual inspections, service, and certification to keep your kitchen safe from fire and compliant with the NFPA 17A fire code.  We can design, fabricate, and install Ansul systems for commercial kitchen applications.  We also are a full service fire sprinkler testing and inspection contractor.

Our crews are guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having smiles on our faces. We love repeat customers and referrals, and we’re ready to earn your repeat business. Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas are the locations we can service the fastest.

Call for a free quote or if you have a question about your fire protection system, we’d be happy to tell you what we know. Always trust a licensed contractor to work on your fire protection system.



Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning Services We Offer:

Hood Cleaning Service

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire Sprinkler Services

Kitchen Fire Suppression Services




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Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is proud to serve Walnut Creek, California and the surrounding areas for all of your fire protection needs. Our experienced technicians are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your business is protected against severe fire damage. We help your business stay compliant with local- and state-mandated guidelines to keep your staff, customers, and property safe. 

We are also proud to serve as one of the most trusted hood cleaning companies for commercial kitchens in Walnut Creek. Our 24/7 service is trusted by many businesses in Walnut Creek, so you can be sure to have the peace of mind you need to operate optimally.  

Our Services

We offer complete service for businesses and facilities in Walnut Creek. Our comprehensive installation, maintenance, repair, design, and inspection services are available for small and large business needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can protect your business against fires today! 

Fire Protection

As one of the leading fire protection companies in Walnut Creek, offer the following services to our customers:  

  • Kitchen Sprinkler Services 
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems 
  • Fire Extinguisher Services 

Kitchen Sprinkler Services in Walnut Creek

For businesses, having a fire sprinkler system is intended to help prevent the spread of fire throughout a building. When a fire breaks out, the temperature of the room rises. With a fire sprinkler system installed, the sprinkler heads are activated by a fusible link to disperse water or other chemical agents to immediately suppress the fire. Simultaneously, the alarm system is activated, notifying your local fire department to contain the fire as necessary.  

As a full-service fire sprinkler company located in Walnut Creek, we’re here for your kitchen sprinkler needs to operate safely and in compliance with local, state, and industry-standard guidelines (i.e. OSHA). 

Our Fire Sprinkler Services 

Our fire sprinkler systems and services are designed to protect lives and property in commercial, industrial, and residential structures.  

We offer the following fire sprinkler services:  

  • Installations 
  • Repairs 
  • Inspection & Testing 

Fire Sprinkler System Installation 

The team at Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers our expertise to handle your fire sprinkler system installation project. From start to finish, we provide fire sprinkler installations in Walnut Creek for commercial, industrial, and residential customers that includes: 

  • Working within your budget constraints 
  • Feasibility planning 
  • 3-D coordination 
  • Full-integration with existing systems 

Fire Sprinkler Repair Services 

A damaged or non-operational fire sprinkler is not acceptable when lives and properties are at stake. Metal sprinkler systems are susceptible most commonly to corrosion, so regular service is a necessity in California’s ever-changing climate. Components also wear down due to age and usage, so we are able to resolve any issue – whether you simply need a new sprinkler head or want an entire floor of your business repiped, Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is with you every step of the way.  

Contact us today to schedule any repairs or issues that you may have!  

Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing 

Inspection and maintenance of sprinkler systems are required on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and five-year basis. To simplify your service, we work to design a custom-tailored program that will meet your needs. Only a proper inspection and maintenance schedule can help you identify and solve problems before they become threats to safety. 

In addition to repair and maintenance, we offer in-depth inspection of sprinkler systems, extinguishers, fire pumps, backflows, alarms, and more. 

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers the following maintenance and fire sprinkler testing in Walnut Creek:  

  • Scheduled Testing 
  • Annual Testing 
  • 5-Year Testing 

Contact Us Today For Fire Sprinkler Services In Walnut Creek 

Our highly-trained technicians offer prompt and reliable service to ensure your fire sprinkler system is in optimal working condition. We provide fully certified and insured service to ensure the safety, compliance, and insurability of your residential or commercial property. Our technicians are also available 24/7 for emergency services.  

Call Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning to request a quote for your fire sprinkler system and enjoy the peace of mind your business deserves today! 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Walnut Creek

Kitchen fires are a common occurrence that can lead to serious injury or property damage. Whether caused by overheated oil or by a stove malfunction, having a kitchen fire suppression system can be catastrophic. To avoid these situations, all commercial kitchens are required to have kitchen fire suppression systems installed.  

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is an industry-recognized expert in the installation, maintenance, design, and NFPA-compliant inspection of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems in Walnut Creek. 

Our Fire Suppression System Services 

In the restaurant and dining industry, keeping your doors open is vital for a thriving business. To accommodate your needs, we work with you to perform repairs and testing of your kitchen fire suppression system during the hours that your kitchen isn’t open.  

We work efficiently to minimize downtime – our service can be uniquely tailored for late night, early morning, non-operational hours, and holidays service. 

Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency service should you have an urgent need or recently experienced a fire. 

Schedule the following services for your kitchen fire suppression system in Walnut Creek today: 

  • Kitchen fire suppression installation 
  • Kitchen fire suppression repairs 
  • Kitchen fire suppression inspection 

Complete Kitchen Hood Suppression Installation 

We specialize in creating a new system or upgrading your existing fire suppression systems. Whatever your kitchen hood suppression in Walnut Creek needs are, we can make sure you’re fully protected. 

We install and service the following manufacturers of fire suppression systems:  

  • Ansul 
  • Kiddie 
  • Rangeguard 
  • Pyrochem 
  • Amerex 
  • Buckeye 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Repairs in Walnut Creek 

If you’ve detected a problem or believe that there is something wrong with your kitchen fire suppression system, you could be left without functional fire suppression when you need it most. Also, if your kitchen hood suppression system discharged in a recent cooking fire, it is critical to recharge the pressurized cylinders to safely resume normal restaurant operations.  

Our technicians can quickly recharge your system and get your back to normal to avoid leaving you vulnerable to a fire in the future.  

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection in Walnut Creek 

Kitchen fire suppression inspection in Walnut Creek is mandatory for all restaurants and commercial kitchens.  

To avoid hefty fines and business interruption due to shutdown, we offer comprehensive and recurring inspections to ensure that every part is functioning properly and stay compliant.  

Our kitchen hood suppression inspections includes: 

  • Visual inspection of installed nozzles, conduits, and detectors 
  • Internal inspect non-pressurized tanks for corrosion and malfunction 
  • Secured piping 
  • Nozzle cleaning 
  • Checking of pressurized cylinder gauges and up-to-date hydrostatic tests 
  • Testing of remote pull station and automatic actuation cycles 
  • Verification of electricity and gas cutoff when the fire suppression system activates 
  • Replacement of components as needed (including cartridges, fusible links, center link housings, etc.) 
  • Test electrical interlocks 
  • Comprehensive reporting and recording of any obvious deficiencies 

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning’s professional services meets every inspection need your business requires to stay compliant. We also offer a convenient inspection and maintenance at designated intervals.  

Contact Us Today 

We offer full-service inspections, installation, and repair from a team of certified and licensed fire protection contractors. We make your business safe and code-compliant so you can focus on what you do best.

Call Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning to request a quote for your kitchen fire suppression needs and enjoy the peace of mind your business deserves today! 

Fire Extinguisher Services

A fire extinguisher is an invaluable tool against fires that occur in your business. Whether you experience a grease fire, an electrical fire, or any other type of fire in your property, having properly-functioning fire extinguishers can mean the difference between a minor setback or shutting your doors for good.  

To ensure that you’re prepared for any fires that occur in your business – as well as stay compliant with local fire regulations – Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers complete fire extinguisher services in Walnut Creek. 

Fire Extinguisher Services 

According to California’s Regulatory Code Title 19 states, fire extinguishers are required by law in most commercial businesses to prevent damage from fire and potential injury to your company’s staff. Because of this, businesses need to be inspected and maintained every year by a licensed company.  

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers the following fire extinguisher services: 

  • Brand-New & Used Fire Extinguisher Sales 
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Recharge 
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections 

Brand-New & Used Fire Extinguisher Sales 

If you’re looking for new and/or used fire extinguishers, we offer a wide selection of fire extinguishers that are specifically tailor to meet your fire suppression needs.  

As the highest-quality provider of portable fire extinguishers in Walnut Creek, we ensure that any potential fire – electrical, grease, combustibles (paper, wood) – is prepared for in all worst-case scenarios.  

We also install portable fire extinguisher cabinets in Walnut Creek for safe storage and accessibility.  

Types of Fire Extinguishers We Offer 

As a full-service fire extinguisher company in Walnut Creek, we offer the following varieties of fire extinguishers:  

  • ABC Dry Chemical (Class A, Class B, and Class C) 
  • BC Dry Chemical 
  • Class K 
  • Halon/Halotron 
  • C02 
  • Class D 

Our selection of used and new fire extinguishers are available from 2.5lbs – 20lbs in portable, wheel, and fixed-unit types.  

Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Recharge 

Fire extinguisher maintenance in Walnut Creek is an absolute must for all commercial businesses operating in California. If any of your fire extinguishers have been used or tampered with, it is absolutely essential to recharge and service the device so it can be used safely in the future. Depending on the state of the fire extinguisher, you may need servicing that includes disassembly, replacement, pressure testing to bring it back to operation and compliance with all required guidelines.  

To make it easy for you, we refill your fire extinguisher at your business and company vehicles – no need for pick up and storage. 

Fire Extinguisher Inspection 

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers fire extinguisher inspections on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. Custom-scheduled inspections are also available.  

After our service, we place an annual inspection tag that certifies that each fire extinguisher was inspected and tested by a certified fire extinguisher company in Walnut Creek. And if your fire extinguishers are unable to pass an inspection or are unable to be serviced, we will dispose of your fire extinguishers free of charge. 

Call us to learn more about how we can make your commercial business more compliant by partnering with Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning. 

Contact Us Today for Fire Extinguisher Services in Walnut Creek, CA! 

If you need reliable fire extinguisher services for your business, Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is here to help. Our extensive fire extinguisher services are trusted by businesses throughout Walnut Creek and the surrounding area to keep you safe and prepared for fires. 

Call us to learn more about how we can make your commercial business more safer and compliant by partnering with Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning. 

Hood Cleaning

When you need complete restaurant hood cleaning in Walnut Creek, choose one of the best hood cleaning companies in Walnut Creek: Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! 

We offer excellent customer service and prompt service that works with your schedule to ensure a safe environment for your commercial kitchen Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, hospital, employee cafeteria, and more, our team of experienced technicians can do the dirty work and clean your exhaust hoods to keep you clean, operational, and compliant. 

Contact Us for Hood Cleaning Services in Walnut Creek! 

Call us today and see why commercial kitchens and restaurants depend on our hood cleaning services in Walnut Creek than any other kitchen exhaust cleaning company. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, coffee house, bistro, cafeteria, or another commercial kitchen, we can help restore your entire kitchen hood, fans, and exhaust system like new.  

Industries We Work With

Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning provides service for every business and industry in the area – as well as residential services. The following is a general list of industries that rely on the best fire protection companies in Walnut Creek from our experienced technicians: 

  • Restaurants 
  • Country Clubs 
  • Construction/Contractors/Builders 
  • Heavy and Light Industrial  
  • Storage Facilities 
  • Retail 
  • Residential Properties (i.e. HOA, townhomes, houses) 
  • Offices 
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Hospitality 
  • Government 
  • Civil Buildings 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education 
  • Marine 

Why Choose Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning?

Here’s why our customers depend on Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning services to run their business: 

Safe Environment for Staff and Customers 

Being protected from potential fires means that your staff will feel secure and valued from harm while being employed.  

Attention to Detail 

All work we perform is designed to provide a comprehensive resolution to any needs that your business has. Our expert technicians are trained and certified to evaluate your entire system from top to bottom, leaving no area unaddressed. 


We show up on-time, every time. We’re at your service and work within your schedule to provide fast results that take away the burden of uncertainty for all of your fire protection concerns. Whether you need an overnight hood cleaning or a complete installation of a fire protection system during off-hours, we’re at your service.  


Keeping your business safe is priceless – but that doesn’t mean you have to work with the most expensive fire protection companies in Walnut Creek for excellent service. Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can work within your budget to create a plan that meets your needs without cutting corners. Call us today for a free estimate! 

Simplified Compliance 

In order to adhere to building and health codes in California, having a professional fire protection company in Walnut Creek ensures that your business is compliant with all requirements and equipment. Instead of the uncertainty of passing inspection or being forced to shut your doors until an issue is resolved, Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning handles this somewhat-confusing aspect for you.  

Exceptional Customer Service 

Our technicians are not only certified and licensed to get the job done right every time; we’re also friendly! We deliver the highest customer satisfaction and quality while putting you at ease. From providing cleanup services after installation to working hand-in-hand to design your new fire suppression system, you’ll always feel your needs are the highest priority.  

Efficient Service for Minimal Downtime 

We understand the need to have prompt service that doesn’t disrupt your business to keep your doors open. That’s why our team works as quickly as possible during non-operational hours. We work efficiently to minimize downtime – our service can be uniquely tailored for late night, early morning, non-operational hours, and holidays service. 

24/7 Emergency Service 

We offer 24/7 emergency service should you have an urgent need or recently experienced a fire. Simply call us when you need a technician to solve your problems without being left waiting.  

Contact the Best Fire Protection Company in Walnut Creek Today!

The choice is clear if you’re looking for one of the best fire protection companies in Walnut Creek: Walnut Creek Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning. Available day and night, we’re at your service when you need it the most so you can focus on what you do best. 

Call to speak with one of our representatives and get the best fire protection in Walnut Creek today! 



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